Microservice Text Analysis Platform

MTAP is a framework for developing text analysis pipelines. It utilizes the gRPC Framework for communication between independently deployed, scalable, cross-language components.

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Ease of Use

MTAP takes care of all the communication between different components, and provides a distributed object model for text analysis artifacts. All you have to worry about is writing the text analysis code.

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By using the microservice pattern, text analysis components can be deployed once and then mixed and matched in different pipelines. Components written in different languages can interoperate without hassle. We also provide a RESTful API gateway that lets you call components using HTTP.

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MTAP is designed to bridge the gap between prototyping new ideas and deploying them into a production environment. It supports calling components locally without using any network infastructure all the way up to deploying services and using service discovery via Consul to build pipelines.

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